Fusion Drive - Setting up Fusion Drive for your iMac and Mac Mini

If you are looking for improve performance of your iMac and Mac Mini, we can configure Fusion Drive for you.

How Fusion Drive Works?

Fusion Drive is a breakthrough storage that combines the high storage capacity of a traditional hard drive and the high performance of flash based storage (module or solid-state drive). Fusion Drive automatically and intelligently manages data so that frequently used apps and documents stay on the faster falsh storage, while infrequently used items are moved to the hard drive. File transfers are transparent and take place in the background.

Fusion Drive Apps

A traditional hard drive and flash storage are fused together into one single volume:

Fusion Drive is hard drive plus flash storage

A Fusion Drive makes disk-intensive tasks faster and more efficient. Some examples include starting up, launching Apps and importing photos.

Fusion Drive Requirements

If you would like to update and don't know how, please contact us.